Summer/Fall programs 2024

There will be no lessons after school as of the end of
June, as the summer schedule will them begin. Parents
are encouraged to sign up your kids by the month as I
need to plan who can ride which days, as all the students
are varying levels of skill. The dates available for
lessons are:

July 24 th and 31 st – between 9 am and 11 am.
August 21 st and 28 th – between 9 am and 11 am.

Summer camps are:
July 15 th to 19 th
August 12 th to 16 th

Lessons will return to normal in September. I will try to take out some trail rides, but everything will depend on the ages and skill levels of the riders
Here is the Calendar of Events for this Summer, Fall and Spring of 2025

Kids Basic Equine First Aid – August 7 th – 9 am to 11 am – $75.
This is a basic course designed to teach the signs of colic,
the signs of pain and the basics of bandaging. There is a
handout included in the course.

Lunging Basics and Groundwork, Poles and Cavaletti – September 22 nd – 10 am to 2 pm – $95.

This clinic will teach you that lunging is an art, and not just chasing a horse in a circle. You can teach a horse transitions, and change of pace on the lunge line, as well as learning the correct placement of poles and cavaletti for different strides. This work improves the horse’s balance, cadence and athletic ability. It helps with suppling of the back, hind end and the building of a topline. It is also useful in rehabilitating a horse with an injury, as it increases strength and flexibility, and encourages a steady rhythm. There is also a handout for this clinic.

Adult Equine Basic First Aid – October 20 th – 10 am to 3 pm $150.
This course may take longer than the time allotted so bring lunch. I will provide coffee and snacks in the morning. It covers the vital signs. Signs of pain, colic, Lameness, wounds and wound care, heat exhaustion, coughs, hoof abscesses, digestive system of the horse, and a Basic First Aid Kit. There is a substantial handout for this clinic, and the Advanced First Aid next year is another very extensive and out. It is suggested that you take both, as they are very informative.

Basic Physiology and Anatomy of the horse – November 17 th – 10 am to 2 pm – $120.
This course will teach you how the horse works from a Biomechanical point of view, you will learn how the horse moves, and which muscles are engaged in the different gaits. There will be a video to watch. We will also learn how to correctly stretch your horse without hurting them. We will look at what correct movement looks like, and the muscling of the horse which shows how they are being worked. Learning to know what to look for is an important component of being a horse owner and a rider.

Adult Advanced Equine First Aid – February 9 th , 2025 – 10 am to 3 pm – $150.
This course builds upon the foundation of the Basic course, and teaches about the more unusual but potentially life threatening conditions such as: diarrhea, founder, Bandaging, Head injuries, choke, tying up, heat exhaustion, Veterinary First aid kit, Books to read. There is a very large handout with this course. Bring lunch, again I will provide Coffee, tea and some snacks.

Basic Equine Nutrition – March 23 rd , 2025 – 10 am to 2 pm – $120.
In this course you will learn the basics of grains, hay, forage and how the horse’s digestion works. We will address ulcers and herbal preventative measures. This is based on my 50 plus years with horses, feeding large herds including brood mares, foals and weanlings. I am not a nutritionist, but in saying that, I have rarely had any of my horse’s colic. They keep their weight right into their old age. There are some recipes from an old book of my grandfather’s for boiling grain and putting weight on “poor keepers”. This is good basic information, so you can stay away from fads and people trying to sell you their brand of processed feed. This course also includes a very comprehensive handout

Adult Principles of Good Horsemanship -April 13 th , 2025 – 10 am to 2 pm – $120.
Learning to correctly read and interpret what your horse is trying to tell you will save you endless frustration. You will gain understanding, patience and compassion. There are some natural horsemanship principles that will be explained, along with my experience dealing with thoroughbreds off the track, and the different breeds I have encountered over the years. Learn about different personalities in horses and how they are trained differently, this will open up a whole new world for you. I am hoping to give you some basic tools and understanding so you can be a better horse person and become the
owner/rider your horse needs you to be. Handout is included.

Registration and payment.
This information will be up on my website, and full payment is require upon registration, along with your Horse Council number. Fees are non refundable.
Contact: Ann Bell
Cell – 604-302-8229